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Apcoa Connect


Welcome to Apcoa Connect, your indispensable mobile app for hassle-free parking management. Apcoa Connect is designed to revolutionize the way you experience parking, making it convenient, efficient, and stress-free. Whether you're in a bustling city, at the airport, or visiting a shopping center, Apcoa Connect empowers you to take control of your parking experience. Apcoa Connect is your all-in-one parking companion. No more circling the lot in search of an available spot, worrying about expired tickets, or rushing back to your car. With Apcoa Connect, you can effortlessly find, book, and pay for parking in a few taps, leaving you more time to enjoy your day. Gone are the days of parking guesswork. Apcoa Connect provides you with real-time information on available parking spaces, pricing, and location details. Whether you prefer street parking, secure garages, or open lots, the app guides you to the most convenient options near your destination.

ParkMate (NZ)


Are you a driver? If so, you certainly know how problematic it can be to find a parking space. The ParkMate (NZ) application is a tool that will help you with this activity in New Zealand. The app's database has more than 400 car parks so it will serve you with assistance wherever you go. The app will search for parking lots near your destination, as well as keep track of parking times for you. With ParkMate (NZ) you can also pay for parking (contactless) and receive promotions in the form of discount codes. If you stop often at the same place, you can add the selected car park to your favorites to streamline your parking sessions, and all locations will be saved in your transaction history.

Plan My Walk


If you are planning to have a walking trip in New Zealand the Plan My Walk app is a must have for you! Choose your track from the database of walking/trekking tracks in New Zealand and plan your adventure! Add specific dates of your tri[p and save your plan. The app will show you details about your planned track including total distance, total time or how demanding the track is. Receive alerts and notifications about trip-specific weather conditions for your planned trip! Enjoy additional features like suggested gear list or notes on your trip. With just one click you can also share your plan with people you are going on a trip with. Let them have access to the track and trip details to make the whole thing easier for everyone! Be well prepared for your walking adventure and download the Plan My Walk app today!

Mobil New Zealand


Would you like your fill-up to be quicker and easier? Are you tired of having to get out of your car to pay for your fuel every time you fill up your tank? Then, here is the solution for you! The Mobil New Zealand official app have all the features that will make your life easier. Download the app, create your account, and enjoy all the conveniences! Use the app to pay for your fuel and do it on your device from the comfort of your car! Pay for your purchase and collect your points. Scan your card in the app to get your loyalty stamps. Exchange them for some amazing rewards like coffee, extra fuel, or free carwash. Check the balance of the points in your app and see all the rewards that are already available for you. Make filling-up easier with The Mobil New Zealand app!



Are you looking for some simple ways to make your parking easier and quicker? Are you tired of rushing to your car because your parking times have already expired? Or maybe you never remember what time your parking expires? The PayMyPark app provides solutions to all your problems! Find your parking location quickly using the online map. Then all you must do is to pay for the parking! The app will show you how much parking time you still have! You will also get an alert when your time is about to expire but you don’t have to rush to your car. If you need, just extend your time remotely in the app! Create an account and use your available balance to make your payment even quicker! Don’t waste your time and money – you only pay for the time you have used! Download the app today and enjoy easy parking!

Park’N Fly Canada


If you would like to get near the airport conveniently with you own vehicle and then leave it save until you are back from your trip – try the Park’N Fly Canada app! Whenever you need short-term or long-term parking simply use the app and enjoy safe parking spot near the airport. In the app you can book your reservation and see al your current reservations. You will also find all the instruction for checking in, dropping off your car and checking out. Just come to the location, leave your car and pay conveniently with the app to save tour time. The 24/7 shuttle bus will then take you to the airport! You can also enjoy reward system! Collect your points for every parking and exchange points for free parking days! Have fewer worries about your vehicle – download the Park’N Fly Canada app today and leave your vehicle in a safe place!

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